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The viability of running a community TV service in a rural area can prove to be problematic. By using voluntary work,  donations and contributions from the community, these projects can be fraught with obstacles. They include accessing funding, sustainability, resources and training. A structured approach needs to be used if it is to be a success.

To overcome these obstacles a provisional steering committee should be elected .It should come from an initial public meeting discussing the feasibility of such a project. This provides the basic foundation for progress. A clear mission statement, a list of objectives and goals need to be set out clearly. The project must also endeavour to have a substantial input by the community. This will ensure that they have certain amount of ownership of the project.  It also creates a trust between the station and the community it serves. On-going training of volunteers is also essential to maintain their motivation and forward momentum.

After the initial structure has been put in place the steering committee needs to make way for a formal committee. This should reflect the community itself and include sporting, cultural etc. organizations from within the community.

In conclusion and in order to create a sustainable and vibrant community TV station it is essential that the building blocks are concretely positioned. This will ensure that the project does not fail but will create a sustainable and fruitful endeavour.