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The method for recording and storing film footage has changed out of all recognition over a period of 100 years. 

In the initial stages 35 mm celluloid film was the format employed. This along with the equipment used proved limited and cumbersome. Due to the inordinate costs involved access was limited to a privileged  few. However with the introduction of 8 mm cine film and a smaller cine camera in the 1930’s this all changed. Reduced costs and a growing market meant greater access for more people. It still, however, remained largely out of reach for the working classes.

This all changed in the 50’s with the launch of the analogue Hi-8 video tape and an affordable hand held camcorder. Access for the general public now became a reality. This spawned the birth of the ubiquitous home movie.

With improving technologies camcorders and recording formats continued to evolve. Primarily the size and cost shrunk while quality improved.  This was demonstrated by the emergence of the Mini DV tape which also, for the first time, recorded in a Digital format. Today the industry has adopted DSLR cameras, the SDHC card (Secure Digital High Capacity) and the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which can record  over a 100,000 times that of the celluloid film. The use of wireless technology, which is now gaining traction, directly links the camera to the users computer, tablet or smart-phone making the need for remote storage obsolete. Based on emerging and future technologies, what lies ahead for the industry is anybodies guess but be assured that it will be a million miles from the pioneering days of film making.

The end result of this metamorphosis is a proliferation of dubious material across the social medias.